3D Shipwreck Modelling
Interactive Applications
Video Sequences
Bespoke Mapping
Website Development

Immersive Design
for the Marine Industry

From 3D shipwreck modelling and dive site mapping to interactive applications for the web/mobile, 3deep Media specialises in immersive design for industries working in and around the water. Using the latest technology and original ideas we create unique content that drives people to your website, social media pages, or simply raises awareness about your organisation.

3deep Media draws upon over 10 years of experience in the scuba diving market, working closely with diving manufacturer Fourth Element. This gives us the knowledge, resources and expertise to help businesses/organisations in the marine sector achieve their goals.


"I had the chance to join 3deep Media's Mike Postons in the field at Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary. The work he accomplished was fast, accurate and powerful as both a tool to guide our investigations and as a means to connect everyone, even the non-divers to what we were working on. I wish I had the benefit of 3deep when I was Sea Hunting with Clive Cussler!"

James Delgado - Director of NOAA's Maritime Heritage Program

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